About Us

It all started when…

Matthew and Melanie met in 2006 on Christmas break while freshmen at different colleges, when a friend in common, Jack, hosted a Philadelphia Eagles football party. After friendly conversation, Matthew learned that Melanie’s family owned a vast movie collection, and he cleverly devised a way to ensure he would see her again. He asked to borrow the movie Rocky and its sequels. On the night that Matthew returned the movies, he invited Melanie out for bowling and milkshakes. It was the eve of their return to college, and on the drive home, both found themselves wishing for more time together. So, when Matthew hugged Melanie on her doorstep and found the courage to ask her to be his girlfriend, she didn’t think twice. In the years that followed, there were countless small moments that drew them ever closer. Matthew joined Melanie’s family at her grandmother’s beach house in the summertime, while she joined his family at their annual Fourth of July barbecues and Christmas Eve dinners. They skied together, attended Philadelphia Flyers’ games, visited amusement parks, took a cooking class, and toured New York City and Washington, DC.

Their favorite date was to an apple orchard every Halloween for a haunted hayride. In 2012, Matthew used that hayride to ask for Melanie’s hand by presenting his proposal on a carved pumpkin, after which the families came together for a dinner celebration. They wed in September, 2013, and settled in Delaware, before moving to the NYC area in 2017. Matthew and Melanie love each other more than ever, and have been trying to start a family since 2014. They hope and pray every day for that dream to come true.