Our Family

our biggest supporters in this journey

Matthew was born in Delaware to David and Karen, and he has two sisters, one of which is his twin. His favorite childhood memories all took place outdoors, where he learned to fish and enjoy nature with extended family at his grandparents’ lake house. In grade school, Matthew developed an enthusiasm for playing ice hockey, which enthusiasm has endured, given that he is presently a participant on a team. He earned degrees in accounting and finance, in which field he is currently employed. Both of Matthew’s sisters are presently married, and his eldest has two sons, with whom Matthew and Melanie are smitten. Matthew’s favorite toy as a child was GI Joe, but today he enjoys playing with Legos and Matchbox cars with his nephews, and he and Melanie like to build gingerbread houses with the nephews each Christmas. Matthew is close to his family and he appreciates the love and support they have shown him and Melanie on their infertility journey.

Melanie was born in a suburb of Philadelphia to Jack and Nancy. She is the eldest of three girls. Growing up, their house was filled to the brim with girly things. Melanie and her sisters built villages out of dollhouses and used a Barbie minivan to transport their dolls on the imaginary roadways. As teens, the girls fashioned microphones to sing along to NSYNC and the Spice Girls, and their home became the hangout and sleepover spot for a collection of friends. Melanie has had a lifelong passion for all things Disney, to the extent that overnight guests to her and Matthew’s home are guaranteed a breakfast made from the Mickey and Minnie waffle maker they received back on their wedding day. Melanie holds a degree in health and human development, and has worked since college as an activities director for senior citizens. One of Melanie’s sisters will be married in October, 2019, while the other has just moved into her first apartment. Melanie speaks to her family every day, and like Matthew, she is grateful for their continuing love and support.

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Any child lucky enough to be adopted by these two would be accepted and welcomed with love by an even bigger extended family! A large close family that has been anticipating that day alongside Mel & Matt for years. A lifetime of unconditional love and fun memorable times together lay ahead!”
— Melanie's Sister