Our Infertility Story

It was on Christmas Day in 2014 that we excitedly shared with our loved ones our desire to start a family. We enjoyed good health and were reasonably certain that a pregnancy would come about, and we hoped it would be sooner rather than later. However, when Christmas Day in 2015 and Christmas Day in 2016 rolled around, we still were not pregnant, which was when a reproductive specialist confirmed for us a diagnosis of infertility. Statistically, we were that 1 couple in 8 with the problem. It was a dismaying blow, but we knew that medical assistance was available. We knew too that it was essential that we remain hopeful – that we become one another’s beacon and keep our hands and hearts closely clasped - as we sought treatment.

However, despite a constant infertility treatment regimen that spanned two years, we were unable to accomplish a successful pregnancy in either 2017 or 2018. Truth be told, we were utterly heartbroken and didn’t want to get out of bed some days, but our families and friends encircled us with love and support, And to our surprise, we’ve come out on the other side with an even stronger bond and marriage. Perhaps that is our silver lining.

Because we will soon mark the passage of five years of trying without success to have a child of our own, it has become our dream instead to create our family via adoption. We promise that our home will be a safe, nurturing place, and that our love and devotion to any child will be unconditional. We have undergone the process to become certified as adoptive parents, which included child abuse and criminal background checks, fingerprinting, the sharing of financial and employment documents, a home study for suitability, and interviews about our relationship and our extended families. That’s a lot of formal language, but what it boils down to is that we are legally ready for adoption.

The blessing of an adoption will be the best thing that has ever happened in our lives, and the amount of affection and kindness that we will show any child placed with us will be equally monumental.

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Our infertility treatment hopes were dashed, but our love for one another has kept us strong.